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Refinancing Your Home in Australia

Freedom Loans have been helping Australians refinance their homes successfully since 2003. We know exactly what steps need to be taken to successfully refinance your home, even if you suffer from bad credit and have been rejected by banks in the past. So if you’re wondering how you can refinance your home with a poor credit record, or what the benefits of refinancing are – we can help you.

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Linda- Home Loan Refinancing Application
I would like to personally thank you for your professionalism and efficiency in the processing of our recent home loan refinancing application. You have gone above and beyond my expectations and during the course of the application have been diligent in providing assistance to facilitate the approval process, Alex first and foremost you, but also the team at Freedom Loans have provided us with an opportunity to launch a new business opportunity which would not have been possible without the available funds. Your exceptional customer service is second to none and you should be very proud of both your team and the attention to detail approach you have adopted throughout the process.


Getting Refinancing With Bad Credit

If you want to refinance but aren’t sure how, or if you’ve had your refinancing application rejected for whatever reason, don’t worry. We specialise in helping people refinance their homes, and we can even help you if your credit record is less than perfect.

We’ve helped countless people refinance successfully after banks & major lenders have turned them down. We find the specialist lenders who are happy to help you refinance, and provide you with excellent refinancing options.

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The Benefits Of Refinancing

There are many benefits of refinancing, including borrowing extra money, consolidating debt and getting lower repayments.

Refinancing is a great option, but it’s become harder than ever to get a refinancing application approved in Australia. The good news is: this doesn’t have to be you. Freedom Loans specialises in getting refinancing approval. We will compile your application for you, and find reputable lenders who are willing to let you refinance and who best suit your needs.

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Refinancing When Payments Are Late

If you’ve had late payments on your credit record it will affect your eligibility to apply for refinancing. Many people are surprised to learn that late payments that happened years ago may result in their application being rejected.

However, it doesn’t have to be the case. Our Freedom Loans experts will pair you with lenders who don’t take such a dim view of late payments, and will compile your refinancing application for you; giving you the best chance of success.

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My Refinancing Application Was Declined

As a result of the new lending restrictions put in place by the Australian banks, refinancing has become harder than ever before. This has left many people locked into their loan repayments with no option to switch or refinance.

If you’ve had your application declined, don’t worry. We specialise in helping people who have been declined by the banks or other major lenders to secure refinancing. We help you find the specialist lenders who will let you refinance even when the banks won’t.

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If you’ve been turned down by a bank – or more than one – because of bad credit, give us a call on 1300 364 751. We’ll tell you, straight-up, how we can help, so you can stop worrying and get back to living.

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