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What happens next

Step 1

Within 1 business day of receiving your initial enquiry, our Director, Gary Williamson, will call you to discuss your goals, your credit problem, which banks have turned you down and why. He’ll also ask questions about things you’d never have guessed can affect your chances of getting a home loan or refinance application approved. Finally, once Gary is confident we can help you, and you feel comfortable working with us, he’ll ask you to supply the necessary documentation we’ll need to support your application.

Step 2

Gary will then discuss your application with our Office and Administration Manager, Anthony Willey. Anthony will check your credit files on Equifax (formerly Veda Advantage) so that we have a clear picture of your credit rating.

Step 3

Sometimes we’ll require additional information or documentation for assessment. Gary will contact you if this is the case.

Step 4

Once we’ve assessed your situation, we will approach the most appropriate lender to seek a verbal approval.

Step 5

When we’ve obtained a verbal approval from the lender, Gary will call you to go through the details.

Step 6

Once you’re happy with the lender’s offer and the conditions of the finance, we’ll fill out the lender’s application paperwork.

Step 7

Our Applications Manager, Leonie Curulli, will then call you to confirm all the details in your application forms, then send them to you to sign and send back, along with any additional supporting documentation the lender has requested.

Step 8

We’ll then submit the application with the lender, and upon conditional approval, they’ll send you a letter of acceptance. We’ll also follow up with you to let you know the application has been accepted and discuss what to expect next.

Step 9

The lender will then organise a property valuation and will usually request additional minor details listed on the conditional approval.

Step 10

Assuming the valuation comes back as expected, and all the other minor details are in order, the lender will proceed to the unconditional approval of your new loan. Our Office Manager, Anthony will guide you through this process - he’s managed it hundreds of times!

Step 11

The final stage is settlement of your new loan. (And, of course, the start of your all-new, greatly improved financial situation.) The lender’s solicitor will prepare your mortgage documents and express post them to you for execution. Your old lender will be instructed to discharge your current mortgage facility, and upon return of the correctly executed new mortgage documents, a settlement date will be organised. Once again, Anthony will walk you through this whole process, making it all very straightforward for you.

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If you’ve been turned down by a bank – or more than one – because of bad credit, give us a call on 1300 364 751. We’ll tell you, straight-up, how we can help, so you can stop worrying and get back to living.

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