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High Interest Rate

Is your budget being squeezed by high interest rates on your home loan? Are you looking for lower monthly repayments?

You Deserve Relief from High Mortgage Repayments

Between December of 2001 and September of 2008, interest rates rose  from 4.25 percent to 7 percent —a high we hadn’t seen since July of 1996. But after September 2008, the Reserve Bank of Australia began slashing rates, a move thatwould have been helpful to homeowners and new homebuyers, except that many major banks and lenders held back on dropping their rates.

These financial institutions refused to allow struggling Australians the relief they so desperately needed and deserved. Instead of sharing the profits and rewarding homebuyers and homeowners with reduced rates, these lenders forced them to pay more for their mortgage loans than they should have. In 2009, three of Australia’s big four banks passed less than half  of the cuts made to rates—and took weeks to do even that. At the same time, they actually raised their variable rates by more than the rate cut itself.

Despite the RBA’s most recent two drops, many lenders are still clinging to old, high rates and refusing to give you access to the relief you deserve. At Freedom Loans, we believe in matching you with a lender who will observe low rates and who will help give you a payment you can afford to maintain for decades.

If you’re already under mortgage stress or would simply like to pay less every month so that you can save more for college tuition, retirement, or just a vacation with the family, Freedom Loans can help.


To find out if Freedom Loans has a solution for you, answer the following questions:

  • Are you currently with a non-bank lender?
  • Are you paying a higher interest rate than you believe you should?
  • Have you recently gotten your credit back on track after some financial problems?
  • Are you frustrated by your lender’s refusal to pass on RBA interest rate cuts?
  • Are you tired of lenders complaining about funding costs?
  • Have you been turned away by other banks or lenders?
  • Do you want to cut your mortgage interest rate by as much as 5 percent?

Some of our recent customers have  saved from 4.5% to as much as 6.5% off their mortgage repayments .

If you answered, “Yes” to any of these questions, you need to complete our Instant Loan Application Form to see how we can help. Once you do, the only question you’ll be asking is, “How much can I save by refinancing through Freedom Loans?”

How it works

You aren’t going to believe how simple and fast our three-step process is.

  1. 1. You apply for mortgage relief and lower repayments.
  2. 2. We approach our panel of lenders to find a better deal – there is no cost to you and no obligation.
  3. 3. You decide whether to accept the offer.

Freedom Loans specialises in finding a better deal for each of our customers. Unlike other mortgage brokers, we deal with a wide range of specialised lenders who can often provide more favourable terms and interest rates than the large banks—and who aren’t afraid to pass on the RBA rate cuts as soon as they happen. The result is a  custom solution for every client , not a one-size-fits-all scenario.

We also have access to a number of lenders who will allow you to refinance to a lower rate, even if you’re self-employed or have a few stains on your credit record. You don’t need to be held hostage by a high-interest, high-repayment loan any longer. There are better options available, and we’re here to help you find them.

Find out how Freedom Loans can provide you with mortgage relief and a lower monthly payment!