Since 2003, we’ve helped thousands of people, just like you, get back on track with a bad credit home loan or refinance. Here are some of the thank-you notes we’ve received in that time.

Tracy Norman, Mount Gambier SA
After being in business for 20 years, I fell upon hard times and tried to work as long as I could to make it through each day. Too embarrassed to make a call I was not helping my situation at all and was slipping further and further into debt. Finally I found the courage to call Freedom Loans and was surprised at how easy everyone was to talk too. Within only a few hours the process had begun and I had never felt more at ease. I was kept informed with every step and made to feel like a person in need of help and not someone belittled by my situation. I have never come across a harder working team because we as applicants have no idea the work that happens behind the scenes to move forward quickly with our applications. Any questions I had were answered and explained truthfully and I was overwhelmed with how professional the team at Freedom Loans are. Thankyou so much I can now look forward to a bright, happy and healthy future without the worry of what is to come tomorrow anymore
David and Jo
A note to thank you so much for your recent handling of our property re-financing and debt consolidation. Confronted with the dual problems of my age (mid-60s), a downturn in our long established business – and a totally unhelpful response from our bank (despite long term, substantial and unblemished business with that bank) – dealing with you guys has been a breath of fresh air. With Gary’s positivity, reassurance and flexibility during our initial approach to Freedom Loans and your own deft, persistent handling of the perversities of ‘the system’, as well as the nuts and bolts of the ultimately successful outcome, we wouldn’t hesitate to thoroughly commend your services to anyone – particularly those who need a helping hand dealing with the increasingly inflexible and impersonal mainstream financial services industry – and in the face of the difficulty ordinary people now have in communicating at an effective level with the banks. Many thanks to all at Freedom Loans.
Emma Humphreys
Before I called Freedom Loans, I had been turned down by several other finance brokers. This was owing to my status as self employed – and in the Arts industry – without up to date financial records. I also had a minor credit blemish from the past. However, I had a mortgage hich I had paid flawlessly for the past five years. Whilst that fact didn’t seem to change anything with other brokers, Freedom were able to see that if I could afford the sky-high interest that my previous mortgage had, I could certainly manage a new, much lower interest rate mortgage. And they had that for me within a couple of days of my first phone call to them! How amazing, in this day and age, to find someone who listens, understands and actually delivers the results! With my wedding coming up and expenses mounting, I was really stressing out about what to do. After contacting Freedom, I now have just that – the freedom to actually live my life, rather than always feeling the crunch of high interest.
It has been my pleasure to deal with Freedom Loans to resolve consolidation issues due to low docs. They have been extremely helpful and non-judgmental. The process ran smoothly and we could not be happier. All staff were friendly and helpful and easy to contact.
Julie Janos Caringbah NSW
My partner and I approached Freedom Loans to assist us in refinancing our debts about 6 months ago, after failing in our applications with several lenders and brokers . We had fallen into the trap of accepting all available credit card offers when credit was easy, prior to the GFC, and were in considerable difficulty servicing our commitments. Were the situation to have continued, we would have lost everything, including our home.The team at Freedom Loans looked at our situation from every angle, and helped us restructure ourselves before making an application. Not only did they succeed in obtaining finance for us, but they did so at a very low interest rate. To us, it was something approaching a miracle. We had been on the brink of losing everything, only to find ourselves re-established, with a mainstream lender and a very manageable repayment figure. We cannot thank the Freedom Loans team enough for their care, expertise and attention to detail in helping us find our way back to financial health. We would have no hesitation in recommending Freedom Loans to any prospective borrower.
Brian & Kelly
We were with one of the big 4 banks for over 10 years and everything was going great. Then without warning a life threatening condition hit our family. With only one income and incredible medical bills, the next 8 months we battled to keep our heads above water but were slowly drowning. With the possibility of losing our house, a bad credit rating, the loan companies knocking at the door we tried to refinance with our bank and were told “That’s not our problem”. In desperation, we tried other companies with the standard catch phrase “sorry we can’t help you”.I called Freedom Loans for assistance and after listening to our situation, the staff member said “let me see what I can do for you and I will get back to you shortly”. Imagine my delight when I received a phone call less than an hour later to say “we can help”. I received regular emails and phone calls from Freedom keeping me informed with the progress of my application. We are extremely happy with our new loan and the service we received. What a great bunch of people. A Hint for all would be financial assistance seekers, don’t start at the A’s, start at the F’s when looking for a company to assist you with financial Freedom.
Adam & family
Hi Wendy, We could not possibly have imagined that it would be so tiresome drawnout and difficult to get the home loan we needed for our property, due to the POSTCODE , being self-employed and the changes that have occured over the last few years in the loan market…..This was not even our first home and both my husband and myself had an excellent credit rating. Frustrated with many banks and after months of begging phone calls,we had almost given up and were so exhausted and distraught …..then we found FREEDOM LOANS…. What a turn around…Right from the start Gary saw our difficulties, and within a few weeks we had the loan we needed…Everyone we dealt with were so helpful & understanding. I cannot begin to tell you the relief…… We almost lost everything & our dream property, but thanks to FREEDOM Loans we can look forward to a happy christmas with our family & many wonderful years ahead…… Thankyou so much to the team at Freedom Loans…..You are a lifeline!!!!!!!
Brett, Cairns Qld
Hi Wendy,I would like to thank you and the team from Freedom Loans for securing a loan which i thought would never be possible. Having gone through some very tough financial times in the past i am now able to progress my life out from the financial hole i was in. Your professional approach and absolute “never give up” attitude is what makes Freedom loans stand out from the others. I can only recommend your company to anyone seeking a loan for whatever reason. Once again my sincerest THANKS
Pamela Barrett
Thank you so much for the time and effort you would have put into my application. I know it would not have been easy to get an approval. Your suggestions re my tax, and the reduced interest rate on the new loan coupled with the credit card clearance has made an incredible difference. It has certainly wiped away the financial worries I had and let me get on with enjoying the more pleasant things in life.
Michael and Suzie Harvey, Yorketown SA
On behalf of my husband and I, we would like to thank Freedom Loans for their prompt service and exceptional friendly manner with assisting us on our new mortgage.Wendy saved us a huge 5% on our mortgage and we have never been happier. What a huge percentage to save, especially with the world economy the way it is. We have dealt with many people and banks before and never have we recieved the service that Wendy gave us. We can’t talk highly enough of her and strongly recommend to get in contact with her. This now means we can give our kids a better lifestyle due to us saving more every month.
Katie & Ken MacKenzie
We just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know the house settled at 3pm yesterday .We also want to thank you for all you have done for us. We have been trying to get this loan for almost 3 years. You have helped us get on our feet and finally allowed us to own our first home. You really don’t know what this means to us. It has been a long road, but you have made it worth the wait Thank You!!!!
Captain Colin Costello, Qantas Airways
These days it’s refreshing to find people who promise a solution and then deliver.I needed a loan which was outside the normal lending criteria of my bank. I put it out in the open market with several mortgage brokers. One by one they fell by the wayside as they realised the task. Gary and Mark at Freedom Loans were the only brokers who had the contacts to put my loan in place. Freedom Loans are a hands on company with a “can do” attitude and will be organising all my loans in the future. If you are thinking about a loan, I suggest you “cut to the chase” and contact these guys and I guarantee they will exceed your expectations. They did with me.
Geoff & Debbie Daniels
On behalf of my wife & I, we would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks and gratitude to Van from Freedom Loans for her couretous & prompt response to our initial enquiry.From our first prompt phone contact with her, after our web based enquiry, to the final settlement, we have absolutely no hesitation in recommending both their products & their very kind & helpful staff to anybody interested in their financial products. At every point in our application, Van kept us fully informed of the progress & importantly, the processes involved with no hesitation at all. All fees and charges were fully explained, as were any queries we had in relation to our application. Their customer service skills are exemplary & Van is a credit to their company. To find a company prepared to do the little things like prompt e-mail replies, pdf attachments, etc, certainly made the process quicker and very consumer friendly. To Van, again thank-you for your help and assistance & we wish you a very successful career in finance.
Kelly Moss
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you as a company for actually helping me out of my financial situation. Most importantly for NOT putting me in more debt by giving me another loan or credit card that accrues more interest than I earn.You actually wanted to help me out of being in debt and gave me the options and helpful opinions on how to help myself, which know one has ever done before…. so THANK YOU. I would also like to thank Van Tran for all of her time and assistance in getting my financial situation sorted on a one on one basis. Van proved to be such a help and explained, gave opinions and most of all respected my situation and me. Van was also extremely polite and efficient and proved to me to be an important asset to your company. Thanks again for showing me the light and an end to all of my financial disasters.
Denise, Jodi and Kerryn.
Mrs Denise Forster was going through a difficult divorce. She sent us a card and chocolates with the following message:A very special thanks to you for rescuing me. I am now able to breathe freely and sleep at night. I am overwhelmed…… all I can say is god bless you! P.S. Enjoy the chocolates!
I would like to personally thank you for your professionalism and efficiency in the processing of our recent home loan refinancing application. You have gone above and beyond my expectations and during the course of the application have been diligent in providing assistance to facilitate the approval processAlex first and foremost you, but also the team at Freedom Loans have provided us with an opportunity to launch a new business opportunity which would not have been possible without the available funds. Your exceptional customer service is second to none and you should be very proud of both your team and the attention to detail approach you have adopted throughout the process.
Martin and Trish Junker
We have just finalized the re-financing of our Home loan and Investment property loan through Freedom Loans, and would like to express our gratitude for the excellent service provided by Alex who handled our loan applications.Over the years we have had many dealings with many different banks/brokers and we have never experienced the level of service afforded by Freedom Loans and Alex, in making the task both painless and timely. Any obstacles we experienced during the process were dealt with quickly and professionally. We would also like to say thankyou to both Freedom Loans and Alex for the way you conduct your business. We have never had the level of feedback and continuous updates on the progress as was afforded by Alex. In the coming years we are looking to acquire additional Investment properties, and look forward to dealing with Freedom Loans on these occassions. We will defiantly recommend Freedom Loans to all our family and friends. Once again, Thanks for all your help Please pass on our gratitude to Alex for making what seemed a difficult task (from previous experience) into a painless journey.
Tanya, Jeffrey, Bonny and Matilda Noble
My name is Tanya Noble and my husband Jeffrey and I wish to give our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Leonie, Wendy and Fleur at Freedom Loans.2007 was a very hard year for our family, beginning with my Mother losing her long and painful battle with Cancer, my husband breaking his wrist, losing his job then starting his own business and finally with me breaking my hand. The cost of these events put us right behind the eight ball, behind with our Mortgage (which we had never been before), maxed out credit cards in the 10′s of thousands and behind with our household accounts. The financial strain all of these events put on us was more than we could cope with. Thanks to the fantastic Staff at Freedom Loans we were able to consolidate our debts and borrow extra funds to give us a fresh start. If it wasn’t for the great advice and assistance to set up the perfect mortgage for us, we were well on our way to losing everything we had worked hard the last 18 years to attain. I know it sounds like I’m gushing over these wonderful people, that’s because I am. I truly believe you saved us from having to start all over again. I can’t thank them enough and will continue to recommend them to anyone I know that is suffering with financial difficulty, because I know from experience that Leonie, Wendy and Claire will ease their struggle. Thank you again from the bottom of our Hearts.
Angela Liddle
Freedom Loans are the best!I cannot praise Gary and Anthony, Wendy and the staff at Freedom Loans enough, not only did they rescue me from one financial difficulty, which I thought I would never get out of, they have now outdone themselves by once again refinancing me and saving me a whopping 4% on my current mortgage. Gary and Anthony are professional, efficient and most of all easy to talk to, they understand, listen and I must say it again they are ‘legends’. I have recommended Freedom Loans to anyone who will listen and will continue to do so! I urge anyone who needs to get out of a bad financial situation and would like to get a better interest rate…please call the friendly staff at Freedom Loans, I did and got a great result.
Nola Baber
For anyone who is finding it difficult to obtain a loan because they are self employed, I recommend you contact Freedom Loans who make the whole process such an enjoyable, fuss-free experience!!I first heard about Freedom Loans on the Sky Business Channel and from there, made my first contact about three weeks ago. From that time it has been an exciting journey and we have just had our loan formally approved which is truly wonderful. They have saved us over $1000 a month and put us on the path to building our wealth through our investment property. The team at Freedom Loans are efficient, warm and caring people who actually follow through on what they promise! From the first initial online contact, Gary rang me almost immediately and after listening to what I wanted to do, followed up with another call soon after to say that Freedom Loans would be able to help. From there it has been an amazing time and now we are able to progress with finance consolidation and purchase our investment property. For us it has truly been a life changing experience and Gary, Anthony, Wendy and Ann will probably never quite realise what a wonderful opportunity they have given us! I will continue to recommend their services to anyone who will listen! For anyone needing a loan, I urge you to contact Freedom Loans – just take the first step, pick up the phone and it will be one step closer to achieving your dream!
N.S and R.S, Adelaide
We wanted to refinance our exisitng mortgage and consolidate our other personal loans into it, as well as extend it to purchase a new caravan and car. As we are self-employed the major banks would not even consider us, even though our repayments would be similar to what we were already paying. We found Freedom Loans website and sent them a request to see if maybe they could help. They contacted us quickly and guaranteed that they would be able to find us something – and they did.We are now the very proud and happy owners of a new caravan and have all our debts consolidated, giving us only one loan to repay. The staff at Freedom Loans were always very friendly and helpful and made the whole process as painless as possible. To them we say a big thank you.
Maria, In the Whitsundays
After a llllloooonnnnnnggggg & menacing time with the banks (6 months in total) I finally received the wonderful words “I think we can help you” from Gary at Freedom Loans.My first words in reply were “really? If you can I will kiss your butt cheeks.” It was music to my ears. I had just come out of a huge battle (in 2008) with Breast Cancer and had a win, so I was determined not to give up on obtaining finance to purchase my first home. It was soooo easy. I dealt with Gary first, then Anthony who does figures and Wendy & Ann the girls who kept my spirit alive through the process. When I received the news that I had approval it had only been a couple of week’s dealings and my dream had become a reality. I am ever grateful to all of you guys at Freedom Loans and thank you from the bottom of my heart, cause without your help and knowledge I would still be renting.
We are self employed and years ago never had any problems with refinancing our mortgages. Recently when various things happened with the market and low docs loans became stricter, we found it harder and virtually impossible to find someone to refinance us even though we have a clear credit history and equity in our home. We tried for over 12 months with different brokers and had no luck getting refinanced. We paid a lot of money in valuations and spent a lot of time in providing as much information as possible only to be rejected by most lenders.I found Freedom Loans on the internet and read their testimonials and thought it had to be worth a try. I talked with Anthony and Gary and told them I didn’t want to go through the whole process again if we were going to be knocked back. They assured me that they would get our loan refinanced and get us out of the high interest rate we were paying with our current lenders. They kept me updated on what was happening and each time something came up that might be an issue, they found another way to go about getting our refinance. We were happy to say that we settled our loan last month and have nearly 2% off the interest rate we were previously on which is a big weekly savings for us. Thanks so much to Gary, Anthony, Wendy and Ann from Freedom Loans, I will definitely look to using them again in the future if needed.
Michael, Dandenong Ranges
In October, 2009 my Wife and I bought a house at Auction.We had not been planning to buy property at that time however the opportunity was too good to miss, and of course, at Auction we had bought the property on the fall of the hammer. My Wife is a Mortgage Broker so she set to work finding a lender to refinance a few other properties to provide funds for the stamp duties, deposit and other costs She had no trouble finding a lender to fund the purchase but we had to be able to show that we had the funds to complete settlement, and getting those cash funds became a real problem. After two months of endless phone calls she thought that the only lender was a private fund which was going to cost us a lot in setting up costs and the loans would have had a serious interest rate. However, we needed a few hundred thousand in cash out and they looked like the only option Then, one Sunday, she was reading the SMH on line and at the bottom of the page was a small google ad for Freedom Loans. Something along the lines of ‘Low Doc? Cash Out? No Worries!’. We had already paid the Engagement Fee to the private fund but my Wife rang Freedom Loans on the Monday and spoke with Wendy, Anthony and Gary. By the end of the day they were confident that they could source funds, and by the end of the week had a confirmation from the lender that they would be able to refinance five properties for us and would allow the required cash out. We were amazed at the interest rate – a full 2.5% below what we had been prepared to pay the private fund, and with a very reputable lender. Luckily, we had negotiated a five month settlement at Auction, so even though we had lost two months with fruitless searching, by the time the refinancing was completed we still had just enough time to arrange the funding for the purchase. We are delighted with our new property and very pleased with our new loans. Quite simply, if we hadn’t come across Freedom Loans our story could have had a much different ending. It’s one thing to have equity in property, but it is sometimes a lot harder than it should be to access that equity without selling the property. Freedom Loans made the whole process friendly, simple and straightforward and they have our sincere thanks for a job well done.
Just wanted to say a big thank you for organising our refinance.As a small business owner, financing is always difficult. You were able to get our loan across the line – and at a sensational interest rate. You have saved me thousands a year!
Vesna and John Rica
The thing that really stands out for us (and this is a rarity these days) is firstly being able to directly speak with the person who is handling your file, without having to go through a call centre, but even more so that whenever I called, my message was returned the same day and usually within an hour or two. Even when I did not have a query, Ann would call back just to say that she was still waiting on information. Giving me a call even when you were waiting on the lender was just great, and something that never happens anywhere else.Lastly, we are grateful that even when the first lender was unable to help us (and we realise our situation was a tough one), you continued efforts to secure consolidation for us. John and I always knew the affordability was there but just needed someone to have faith in us. Of course, we would down the track like to reduce our payments even further and would be happy to call you at that time for your advice. Thank you all for all your efforts, your pleasantness and quick responses on the phone, and for assisting us at this crucial time. You have made this process a stress-free on and we really appreciate it.
From my first phone call to Freedom Loans to the day of settlement they took control of every little detail, making the whole process very easy and stress free. Phone calls were returned promptly, each document was explained and guidance was given with every step along the way. This was not the first time I have financed a home, however it was my first time with Freedom Loans and I can honestly say this was by far the easiest experience of the lot. I would definitely recommend Freedom Loans, the staff are very helpful, friendly and efficient.
I found the team at Freedom Loans very helpful and a pleasure to deal with. They were able to find a loan to suit my own individual situation and the best thing is that it greatly reduced my mortgage payments. I would not hesitate to use Freedom Loans again the future
Sanjee Athurugiriya
Hello Wendy,This is Very Special Thanks from Sanjee. I would like to Express my gratitude, And Apprieciation to you all the hard work, you have done in this whole process. It was Very, very, Critical time in my Buiness. your Effort, Knowledge and positive Attitude greatly appreciated. It was a joy and real pleasure to deal with you. Have a Good Day Wendy.
Leanda Vardy
I just wanted to send a huge thank you to you and your colleagues at Freedom Loans for the assistance you gave us when we refinanced our home loan.We are very happy with the lender you chose for us and with the service your company provided. The process was effortless and it was a pleasure to deal with Freedom Loans. Thank you once again
Gordon & Billie Hay
When considering the purchase of a property, we approached our Bank which we had loyally supported for over 45 years and we were advised by our Loan Manager that “there would be no problem”. Upon committing to our purchase, we submitted our formal loan application to our Bank, who after consideration advised that “we did not fit the Banks lending criteria”, to put it mildly we were shocked and dissapointed to be told that our application had been rejected without and discussion with us and that our history with the Bank “was not taken into consideration when asessing our application”.This action by our Bank left us in a very embarrasing situation and forced us to look elsewhere for funding. Fortunately we approached Freedom Loans who, after we told them what had happened, were very professional and positive in their approach and discussions about our requirements. After a reletively simple application process and within a couple of weeks, Freedom Loans obtained “Approval in Principal” from a reputible lender on our behalf at a better interest rate than that originally offered by our Bank. The staff at Freedom Loans were extremely supportive, professional and brought our application to fruition in a very timely manner, the whole process from start to settlement was carried out within approximately seven weeks of our initial contact. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to the team at Freedom Loans (Anthony, Wendy and Ann), for the manner in which they handled our application and restored our faith with their manner and integrity. We would have no hesitation in recommending Freedom Loan to anyone considering a housing loan.
G. McLean Cairns
Hi GaryI would like to express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks to you, Ann, Anthony and Wendy for the low doc loan you have obtained for me. From my initial request to Freedom Loans I cannot believe that you received unconditional approval for me within two weeks of making an enquiry to your company. The last time I applied for a low doc loan I received conditional approval within 2 weeks and waited almost 4 months for unconditional approval through another broker. I was going through a very stressful period in my life and this did not help. Yet the conditions for unconditional approval were exactly the same criteria as what was required to get this approval through Freedom Loans. The assistance that you and your staff provided me with to obtain this loan is without a doubt the most efficient and helpful service I have ever received from any business for many years. Not once did I feel that I had been put in the too hard basket and was given reassurance at all times. I also realize that my age (62) would not have been exactly the criteria banks would have been looking for to grant approval in such record time. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you and your team to anyone who is considering using your services. I would also be happy to act as a verbal referee if required. Thank you again and again. One can actually sleep at night since I received the phone call from Wendy last Thursday night.
We had spent the last 2 years building our own home under a low doc construction loan due to my husbands self employment paying 10.07% interest!! Our repayments converted to the full amount once we had drawn down 80% of our funds so we were finding it rather tuff to cover all our other expenses too! On completion of our build we were obviously keen to refinance as soon as practical to regain some monetary freedom and a life, but found that with the new strict lending rules we were pretty much unhelpable for what we needed to refinance. After a disappointing visit from our original broker we investigated the internet and found that Freedom loans specialised in circumstances like ours, so we thought “what have we got to lose?” Needless to say we have obtained our loan at a massive interest saving and were able to totally cover everything we needed to enable us to live comfortably again. We owe a debt of gratitude to Gary, Anthony, Ann and Wendy for all your efforts in helping us stay in our home and be able to afford to! Thanks so much!
Thanks so much to the friendly staff at Freedom Loans. We are more then happy with the financial institution they chose for us. Freedom loans can be highly recommended for service and professionalism. We would not hesitate in using them in the future.
The Paulins
Freedom Loans were terrific in helping us refinance our home. They made a complicated and tedious process simple and efficient. We also found them to be exceptionally helpful and prompt with their follow-up and service. Thanks Freedom Loans – we couldn’t have found a better service provider.
Alice & Sean Eddy
Thankyou so much for helping us secure and refinance a new loan for our property in Queensland. You have saved us a thousand dollars plus a month we are absolutely wrapped.We have no trouble reccommending the team at Freedom Loans to our family and friends. Keep up the fantastic work you all do. God Bless you all.
I would like to extend my thanks to Anthony and Leonie from Freedom Loans. I found Freedom Loans online at a very desperate time in my life and they were never anything but calm and reassuring. They helped my family and I through a very emotionally stressful time and did everything they could to uncomplicate what seemed at times to be a very overwhelming process. Thank you!
Craig Horns
Thank you for helping us achieves our goals. We enjoyed the process because you made it easy. You were professional to work with. Helpful and kept us informed every step of the way. We can’t thank you enough for your help with our new home loan. We would recommend you to anyone who needs financial help. Thank you again and if we need anything else in the future, you will be the only one that we will call.
Allana and Darryl Gregson
"In desperation I googled Freedom loans and the web page had a statement saying “If we cant help you no one can” . So with that I emailed Freedom loans and from there the help never stopped. Our loan process was quite difficult as my husband was self employed and we had investment properties with securities. What I thought was nightmare situation, the staff at Freedom Loans took control. We always knew where we were up to and what was to happen next. We were always kept in the loop. I can highly recommend Freedom Loans especially if you are in a tough financial position as we were."
"My experience with Freedom Home Loans, has been more than satisfactory. All the staff were very efficient and kept me up to date with the progress of my loan on a regular basis. Already I have referred Freedom Home Loans to friends who are having difficulty in obtaining loans from the ‘BIG’ banks. If it wasn’t for Freedom Home Loans, I would not be where I am today... Owning my own home. Thanks Freedom."

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