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Low Doc Home Loans

Having trouble getting a loan at the Bank?

Then you need a Low Doc Home Loans specialist to secure you the best loan available to you. Freedom Loans have been specialising in Low Doc Home Loans since 2003 and we know how to get you approved in the same day!

No Accountants Letter Required

There are many institutions and banks now offering a form of Low Doc Home Loans. The biggest hurdle to getting these loans is that you either need BAS or you need an accountant to sign a declaration stating your actual taxable income.  Most accountants, rightly so, will refuse to sign such onerous documents.  Many self-employed people also do not even have an accountant.

Then if you can convince an accountant to sign for your taxable income, the lenders are very restrictive when it comes to refinancing debts and obtaining cash out for a worthwhile purpose.

Freedom Loans have the answer. We do not require any involvement from an accountant.  As long as you can show enough income going through your business bank account, then you may sign your own declaration of estimated income for the year. We are also very flexible when it comes to the purpose of the loan.

What Options are Available to Self-Employed Borrowers?

After the ups and downs in the global economy since the GFC, the Banks have put very strict guidelines in place on their lending policies, especially for self–employed borrowers. That has made it difficult for many hard-working people to secure the affordable Low Doc Home Loans they need.

Freedom Loans specialise in providing finance to people who may not fit the strict criteria of the traditional Banks. We have access to lenders who are backed by Australian banks, with much more flexible lending policies than other lenders and brokers.


We Have you Covered

Do any of these scenarios describe your current situation?

  • You are unable to provide the financial information that a bank requires to obtain a loan from them?
  • Your existing lender or a new lender has declined you for a new loan for any reason even though you are earning enough money to pay the loan?
  • You do not have an accountant to verify your income?
  • You want to borrow up to 80% of the value of your property?
  • You need to borrow some extra money from your property for any worthwhile purpose such as:
    • Pay out debts or other loans
    • Expand your business
    • Carry out renovations on your property
    • Purchase another business
    • Pay out the Tax Office
    • Pay out harassing creditors
  • You want to purchase a property to live in or as an investment and you have been declined by the Banks?
  • You want the lowest interest rate available for your current situation?
  • You want the security of a home loan backed by an Australian bank?

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Freedom Loans can even provide you with a Low Doc Home Loan even if you have some credit issues. In addition to the above we can provide you funds from your property to:

  • Payout marks on your credit file such as
  • Defaults
  • Judgements
  • Court Writs
  • Pay out some mortgage arrears due to some unexpected events.

Freedom loans will take the time to understand your situation and find a solution for your problem today.